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Research of Dialect in Aizu Area
The present situation
In Japan, a decline in the number of births and the outflow of young people to city continue now. The dialect is exposed to the crisis of continuing. In such a situation, it is very regrettable that the voice database of dialect doesn't exist in Aizu area where various dialects are rich. As far as we know, the research of dialect in Aizu area done by Kato, Hanzawa, and Sato in 1980 is the most recent one. But, there is no voice data open to the public for the research. The word changes in process of time. A systematic, high-quality record every age is very profitable for the linguists and the anthropologists. So it can be said that it is a pressing need to leave the dialect in Aizu area as a voice database.
The purpose of this research
The purpose of this research is to make the digital voice database of the dialect in Aizu area. Therefore, the samples of seven different dialects in Aizu area are gathered from a wide age group and a lot of people as much as possible, and they are taken into the database. The formant and the pitch of the vowel are measured by using praat. It is compared with another dialect or the standard language, and then a phonological and phonetic analysis is done. As for the gathered speech samples and the result of the analysis, they are scheduled to be open to the public on this Web site.
Reading out of picture cards

The card that put the photograph was shown and read out by the people who speak the dialect in the words usually used. The used illustration cards and each voice data have been disclosed here.

Area audio samples
It is possible to listen to audio samples of the dialect in each area.