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Online Conversion from English text to Sound Spelling

In English-as-a-Foreign-Language (EFL) education in Japan, unlike other foreign language education, such as Chinese, Korean, and Spanish, there is no established instruction that shows learners all English phonemes and gives them a complete picture of the pronunciation system. For example, from previous research, only one out of six junior high school English textbooks in Japan handles all English phonemes. The list of phonetic symbols in English-Japanese dictionaries and pronunciation teaching materials, especially the list of vowel symbols, often contains extra symbols or dialect differences, and lists many more symbols than the actual number of phonemes in any given single dialect. The problem is that it is extremely difficult for a learner to grasp the whole picture of English segmental pronunciation.

The purpose of this study is to help learners and teachers using SoundSpelling. To do this, we give you this webpage that converts English text into SoundSpelling notation. Students can know the correct pronunciation of an English word quickly, and teachers can use the page to transcribe teaching materials from English to SoundSpelling. In addition, information on syllables and sound intensity is displayed in the SoundSpelling notation for easier use.

This SoundSpelling converter was originally programmed by Keita Nakatsuka as part of his undergraduate thesis research. It was then enhanced by Kentaro Ogi.