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Pitch and Facial Movement
In this research, we are investigating whether a relationship exists, in spoken Japanese, between the prominent pitch contours in a sentence and the up-down motion of the eyebrows and nodding motion of the head. Applications of this research include increasing the degree of realism in animation and video games.
・The Relationship between Head and Eyebrow Motion and Pitch during Japanese Speech
The expression of the face during the speech is very useful to understand feelings especially. Moreover, these are important also in the world of animation and the game because to express it more reality, animation has taken the expression of the face of the reality. The motion capture is useful to express them more reality. In this research, to find the relationship between head and eyebrow motion and pitch during speech in Japanese, various points were researched. (for example, compare to average of the head and eyebrow movement, compare the pitch peak ranking and amount of the head and eyebrow movement of ranking, observe the regularity in the before and after of the pitch point etc. The motion capture was used to capture the movement of the head and the eyebrow, Praat which is audio visual software was used to analyze the voice, and MATLAB which is mathematical software was used to convert the motion capture data to numerical value and analyze it. As a result, it was able to observe almost of the movement of the head that the pitch is maximum was upper than the mean of the head movement in the sentence, but, there were no relationship between eyebrow, before and after of the pitch point, pitch peak ranking and so on in Japanese.