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Wind Instrument Tonguing
This project was a collaboration between our lab and Professor Masaichi Takeuchi of Nagoya University of Arts. We are using ultrasound to examine the tongue's movements and shape during the playing of wind instruments. By observing and recording the relationship between the tongue's shape/movements and the resultant sounds, pedagogical materials can be created for university music classes.
Prof. Wilson setting up the special helmet to hold the ultrasound probe under Prof. Takeuchi's chin. Prof. Wilson showing Junichi Fujinuma features of the ultrasound image. Asahi Suzuki importing the data from the ultrasound to a computer.
Prof. Takeuchi playing his clarinet. Side view of Prof. Takeuchi playing his clarinet. Prof. Wilson reviewing the ultrasound movies and an x-ray of trumpet player Hitoshi Sugie.
Professor Takeuchi (NUA) playing the clarinet Graduate student Hitoshi Sugie (NUA) playing the trumpet